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What doors are suitable for
Exceptional Performance and Unique Design:
Design, fabrication processes, quality of material and components allow to reach very high performances. Stage Patio Doors are tested under current standards and manufactured under stringent quality standards
Glass and Glazing Options
Stage Patio Doors come standard with tempered Low-E glasses and argon gas. Options are available for multiple types and combinations of Low-E for high SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) or U-values.
Hardware Options:
Stage Patio Doors come with upgraded hardware, made in North America. Customers can choose different colours between interior and exterior as well as key lock on exterior.
Twin Locking System:
Another standard feature of the Stage Patio Door System is the twin lock system. It provides a smooth locking process and a robust latching with improved security. It features an anti-locking device and heavy duty locking hooks.